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The school system in China is so competitive that vast majority of Chinese parents spend thousands of USD per year on after-school tutoring for their children, and a quarter of them even spend six digits, even more than the average American parents do. Meanwhile, only about 10% of the students will get into the four-year bachelor degree program in China, compared to one third in the US. The education in China, especially among K-12 period (aka. prior to college) , is very exam-focused. Everything is about getting higher scores in the college entrance examinations.

K-12 education includes interest courses, offline/online…

Preschools, also known as nursery schools, are the educational institutions for children before they begin compulsory education. The preschool education industry is not doing well in recent years, due to the drop of birth rate in China. Meanwhile, it is also regulated strictly because of several preschool scandals that had happened in recent years. Another trend is adopting digital media technology to improve the education system.

According to App Growing, preschool apps focus on the content such as math, mind cultivation, coding, reading, picture books, stories, etc. …

Education has always been a huge part of people’s lives, from Preschool, K12 Learning, Professional Training to Senior Education. As the digital media kicks in, the division on what education is has been broadened even more. Education is not about accreditation anymore even though degrees still matter.

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In my opinion, the overall online education institutions in China can be divided into three different categories, the conservatives, the centrists, and the pioneers.

The conservatives are the earliest ones who broke into the market. They have established campuses since years ago, and they are committed to offline education. They use digital tools…

A product idea of how to reduce anxiety from social media

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The Problem

Suffering from the negative experience doesn’t stop people from using social media, instead, people spend even more time in recent years according to research. We can not simply move the addiction away from people, but we can provide tools that make it easier to get away from the bad effect.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of making a digital well-being app is that we have to recognize the fact that we can only help people who want to be helped. We can not expect making an app to change people’s habit…



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